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How to configure Managed Databases using Terraform

Terraform offers a great way to build your cloud infrastructure as code from start to finish, including UpCloud Managed Databases!


Managed services


How to set up multiple WordPress sites with WordOps

Build a blazingly fast WordPress development server with WordOps, a powerful CLI tool that lets you deploy WordPress sites with just one command.

Web hosting


How to manage Simple Backups using Terraform

Terraform offers a great way to build cloud infrastructure with everything including Cloud Servers and of course Simple Backups.



Automatically resize filesystem

Increasing storage size

Increasing storage size is quick and easy to do on existing devices, and can even be done while the device is attached to a server.


VAT and GST for international businesses

VAT/GST registered businesses should enter their VAT or GST Registration Number in their UpCloud billing details for the correct tax rate


How to benchmark Managed Databases on UpCloud

Sysbench is a popular command-line tool for testing system performance. Here's how to use sysbench to benchmark Managed Databases on UpCloud.


Managed services

UpCloud Managed Databases

How to migrate MySQL DB to UpCloud Managed Databases

Eliminate the burden of maintenace by migrating your MySQL databases to UpCloud's Managed Databases painlessly with these few steps.


Managed services

How to transfer files to Linux server using Samba

Having Samba on your Linux machines allows you to transfer files between the server and your local machine. Here's how to get started.


Creating MySQL backup job on SimpleBackups

How to back up MySQL into UpCloud Object Storage using SimpleBackups

SimpleBackups is an all-in-one backup automation service to easily store MySQL backups securely in your UpCloud Object Storage.


Object Storage

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