UpCloud Products

Experience our next generation, faster-than-SSD Cloud Servers with a 100% uptime SLA.

With our easy-to-use control panel and API you can spend more time on your business and less time on managing your cloud.

Reliability guaranteed

Infrastructure built for consistent and reliable performance.

Modern cloud infrastructure

UpCloud cloud products and services are built on the latest enterprise-grade data centre hardware. This ensures the highest grade of reliability across the equipment in all of our data centres.

Redundancy reassured

Multiple redundancies eliminate any single-point-of-failure with capacity to mitigate issues following failure or attack with automated restarts to recover with minimal interruption.

100% Service Level Agreement

We trust our cloud infrastructure to weather faults and issues. So much so that we give you 100% uptime SLA with a 50x payback for any downtime over 5 minutes.

Compute products

Running applications and services

Cloud Servers

Our Cloud Servers offer high-performance and resilient cloud with no upfront costs or commitments required. Create new server instances in seconds and scale existing resources with minimal downtime, our public cloud has you covered.

Get started quick and easy with the resources you need, then scale up in just a couple of clicks as your business grows. No need to overprovision services with unnecessary capacity, flexibility comes as standard.

Storage products

Safe storage for business critical data

Block Storage

Block storage is our defacto cloud storage solution with the options to choose from our home-grown high-performance MaxIOPS technology and high-capacity HDD devices. Both are available on-demand basis with up to 8 storage devices per Cloud Server.

Highly available – We developed our storage solutions to not only be highly performant but also highly reliable. Performance means nothing without reliability!

Our Block storage runs on a dedicated backend separately from the computational hosts. This way your Cloud Servers can be automatically restarted on another host should the compute backend experience failure.

Networking products

Connecting and delivering cloud services

Managed Load Balancer

Looking to diversify your services for even better redundancy? Look no further than the UpCloud Mananged Load Balancer! Add professional-grade load balancing solution to any of your cloud services quickly and easily, secured by free SSL certificates.

Load Balancer is built on our true and trusted infrastructure. Service critical applications can improve resilience with the two-node Production plan.

Load Balancer benefits from our Network Transfer Pool allowing you to forget about data transfer costs and focus on developing your applications.

Take to the next level

Level up the performance of your cloud services by deploying on a state of the art cloud infrastructure.

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